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Name: EmrysHome & Flexwarm Menstrual Pain Relief Heat Belt or EmrysHome & Flexwarm Therapy Menstrual Cramp Warming Belt

Net content / specification: Length: 878mm (adjustable) Adapt to waist: 77cm~100cm

Duration of use: 6 hours for blue, 4.5 hours for yellow, 4 hours for red, 5000mAh for mobile power. (Theoretical calculation data, assuming an ambient temperature of 25℃)

Plug type: USB interface

Power: 5W

Voltage: 5V

Product net weight: 72g

Color: Pink and Light Green; the belt is gray, 

Gear position control: The heating temperature is 43 degrees, 50 degrees, 65 degrees respectively

Charging method: Connect to powerbank

Powerbank not included: Powerbank sold separtely.





Manufacturer: Supplier of MUJI

Name: EmrysHome Bean Sofa(Coat canvas+Liner)

Specifications: 65 × 65 × 43CM

Coat canvas: Cotton canvas

Coat elastic cloth: 80% cotton, 20% spandex

Liner material: EPS foam particles

Liner fabric: Upper and lower stretch fabric

Filler: Polystyrene (Expanded particles)

Color: Red, Grey Beige, Dark Brown, Grey+Stripe



Manufacturer: Supplier of Muji
Product Name: Hanging Box Case (EmrysHome)
Product Colors: Black, Grey, Dark blue
Product Size: 175*190*75 mm
Product Weight: 0.15kg
Use Capacity: Suitable for 1-2 people for outdoor storage
Product Characteristics: Small size, Multi-function partition, Large capacity
Applicable Group: Outdoor travel, Business trip, Camping, Trekking


Manufacturer: Supplier of MUJI

Name: Japanese Multi-Function Neck Pillow (Coat+Liner)

Size: 16.5cm*66cm

Fill: sara micro particles

Pillow Case Color/Material:

Grey and White Stripes (Linen Cotton), Dark Blue and Grey Stripes (Linen Cotton), Dark Grey (Linen Cotton), Navy Blue (Silky Cotton), Dim Grey (Silky Cotton)