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About Us

"Affordable Premium Life" 

Usually, premium brands offer high quality products but sometimes they are overpriced.

However, the gross profit rates of the premium brands products are extremely high, since premium brands are not only profitable but also spending a large amount of money on advertisement and marketing. Therefore, Emrys Home is a brand with the concept of “Affordable Premium Life", making more people to enjoy a world-class high-quality life with more reasonable and affordable price.

We bring the concept of Factories to Customers(F2C) to residents, Emrys Home traces the provenance of the international premium brands to cooperate with their manufacturers directly. Cutting out the middleman and the brand premium, Emrys Home creates the ultimate shopping experience to every customer.

 Moreover, Emrys Home is also cooperating with the high-tech companies from all over the world to bring the top technical products to make every customer’s life easier.